#Hercules in the ‘Natti

#Hercules in the ‘Natti

Culinary Conquests

RxL @ Flipdaddy's

The Mac Daddy Burger w/sweet potato fries @Flipdaddy’s Burgers & Beers, Cincinatti, Ohio

There’s something to a well made burger with grilled macaroni and cheese stuffed with bacon on it. I mean, it just is. This burger was amazing, an absolute must have if you are anywhere near the ‘Natti. I started my evening there with an appetizer of wings; they had a really great dry rub on them that was absolutely delicious. My burger was medium well and juicy, a blend of beef was used to make it I’m told. It was awesome. The buttered pretzel bun was just a bonus. The name of the place also implies that they have great drafts, and I washed this meal down with a little doozy called, “Hi-Res” which I believe is out of Brooklyn, NY. It had a great taste, but the real kicker? It was 11.5 ABV. For a beer, that’s crazy. I’ve had some great food in Ohio, this place only upped the ante. The burger my brother had, “The Rise and Shine” might have even been better than mine.

#Herc Rating: 8.8 out of 10