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Up In The Club


I actually made this myself, feeling semi-frisky in the kitchen. This is my version of a club sandwich. Toasted, buttered whole grain 100% whole wheat bread, deli sliced turkey, baby spinach, Colby Jack cheese and peppered rosemary bacon.

Nutrition Bits

A couple of things here. Whenever possible, I will always lightly toast and butter my bread. Regardless of what is between the sandwich, I prefer to do that than to add mayo or anything else. I managed to find a place that sells REAL butter, just cream and salt. I don’t measure it, I simply coat the bread. #BestThingEver

Great protein packed meal, tasty, and very easy to prepare. I don’t ever count the calories in my meals from spinach, its often negligible. Adding spinach to a meal enhances it, you can rest easy that its almost always helping you add valuable nutrients to a meal like this one that would otherwise have very little. I will also substitute turkey for ham whenever possible, less sodium, less calories and still the protein punch.


Total grams of Protein: 40
16 (Turkey)
9 (Bacon)
10 (Whole Wheat Bread)
5 (Colby Jack Cheese)

Total Calories: 564 (28% DV)
100 (Turkey)
164 (Bacon)
220 (Whole Wheat Bread)
80 (Colby Jack Cheese)


30% of your DV of sodium can come in this meal.


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