#RxL N.O. (Port of Call)

#RxL N.O. (Port of Call)

Culinary Conquests

The Burger and Baked Potato from Port of Call in New Orleans, Louisiana

I won’t begin to try and do nutrition information for the meals in this category. This is the spirit of #Hercules unleashed, the alpha-male beating his chest in an urban eatery near your city. I measure every spot that has a burger by the burgers they serve. A #HercX2 piece of advice, when in doubt, get the the burger!

#Wifey and I visit New Orleans every year. This was our first lunch stop this year, and it did not disappoint. I asked for my burger medium well, which means slightly pink center. I think my burger was just medium. Nevertheless, it was delicious…At about $12 for the meal, it surely comes recommended by me. Not the best burger I’ve ever had, but it was certainly an experience…

#Herc Rating: 7.2 out of 10


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