Ooh Wi Wi!

Ooh Wi Wi!

The Ooh Wi Wi - French Toast, Eggs, & Bacon

From Chateau le Herc!

A new Saturday morning classic! We have eggs over medium, which is turning into my favorite way to have eggs these days, a couple strips of bacon, and two slices of delicious french toast garnished with fresh strawberry and confectioner’s sugar. I am assuming there is a level of skill required to make great French Toast. If you do not have it, #Wifey, that’s all I can tell you! Recipe information by request, of course.

Nutrition Bits

I am a big fan of getting protein in meals. I do not count calories in my meals, to quote LMFAO, “I..I work out.”  🙂 But I will post that information for those that do care about those things. Percentages are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Protein helps you feel full throughout the day, and actually burns calories to digest it. I really focus on making sure I get protein to start my day so that if there is a snafu and I miss a meal, I’m not starving and hitting a wall. There is a good reason bacon and eggs are a staple of the breakfast diet. The toast itself was made w/Whole Grain white bread from Safeway, which added 2 grams (8% Daily Value – DV) of dietary fiber and 5 grams of protein. And for good measure 10% DV of Vitamins A, E, Thiamin and D, along with 8% DV of Iron and 10% DV of Calcium.

I do not try to avoid fats in my diet. I think there is more value in moderation and potent exercise than the physical and psychological effects of not eating the foods you love. But for good measure, 1 egg over medium has 240 milligrams of cholesterol. That’s 80% of your daily value! 77% of the calories from those 2 slices of bacon come from fat. So if you are watching for those things, you can prepare and maybe make adjustments. If you have a dietary supplement to any of the things here, you are encouraged to share them!


Total grams of Protein: 31
16 (Eggs over Medium)
6 (Bacon)
9 (Whole Grain French Toast)

Total Calories: 519 (26% DV)
160 (Eggs)
109 (Bacon)
250 (French Toast)


480 mg of Cholesterol (2 eggs over medium)
12% DV of sodium, 13% DV of fat (2 slices of bacon)

#Hercules !